In The Throes Of Melting Empire

From ‘Threatened’, to, ‘Endangered’ ones
Why humans, have, rechristened us
With an, existence, of apprehensions
Whose names, are, not as, innocuous!

Lo, and behold, evolution’s ruse
One species, reigns, o’er the rest
Our funeral, is in, every news
Whilst, we fight out, our last coquest!

From fief, of floe, who stole, our snow
Our land, alas, sinks in, quicksand
How long, we’ll last, we, do not know
We’ve lost, to man, we understand!

What’s, only heard, is, our requiem
No less, than, sinister satire
There’s nothing, left, now, to redeem
In The, Throes Of, Melting Empire!

© 2022 Vikas Chandra

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