I Lost My Heart To A Heartless Man

You were, the spring, to my, fear of fall
Or, so thought, my, naive, nonchalance
From a graffiti, on my, memories’ wall
How, you became, sin’s, sweet substance!

For whom, life was, a fairytale
Love, a forbidden, dimension, of a dream
Had found, in you, her Holy Grail
But your, vain, passion’s pain, what did, it redeem!

Those kisses, and caresses, and trysts, of sin
Seem like, dark delusions, to my, ripped off heart
My, lovelorn soul, in your, forlorn, coffin
Resents, a Bonaparte, “Why ain’t, you, my Mozart!”

Is this, how, we learn, from, gullible deeds
In the, Cupid’s, cunning, sinister plan
That love, ain’t love, which, never bleeds
I Lost, My Heart, To A, Heartless Man!

© 2022 Vikas Chandra

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