A Hope I Bought For 100 Cents

I changed, life’s, passive preamble
And, went on, war with, fate’s diktat
I broke, the vow – “I’ll never gamble”
And bought, a ticket, with a, stern caveat…

… “This is my, first and, last dalliance
With, duality of, destiny –
If divine, doesn’t help, for sure, will chance
Is, flirting with faith, ignominy!”

It looked, no good, like my, handy mule
Fortune, bedizened, in, seductive shred
How I, play that game, which has, no rule
Like salt, searching for, soulful bread!

I glare, at planets, and, Divinity too
For, all the sins, their faith, invents
Now, a daily fix, is my, one-time taboo
Since, A Hope, I Bought, For 100 Cents!

© 2022 Vikas Chandra

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