The Man Who Shares With Me My Bed

That, barking dog, of dogma, died
Why, bites me then, its fugitive fear
The shame, I had, once, crucified
Its coffin, I am, left to bear!

Estranged, in the midst, of manly trysts
To the instincts, that still, live in me
In this, alchemy, of, sin-chemists
Love, loses to, lust’s chemistry!

If Adam’s, tryst with, Eve, was sin
Is this, a fiesta, of outrage
Entangled in, sacraments, of skin
Is this, a passion’s, pilgrimage!

He seeks, in me, seminal mystique
I find, in him, salt, of, sin’s bread
He’s substance, of my, sin-i-stre-ak
The Man, Who Shares, With Me, My Bed!

© 2022 Vikas Chandra

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