In The Asylum Of My Thoughts

I hear, whose words, whisper to me
Immortal tales, of, mortal trysts
Between, mind’s myth, and, time’s treachery
Who is, the, better, of, both alchemists!

A species, on an, unknown race
Alas, I was, destined, to muse
Beyond facade, on my, faith, and fear’s face
My truths, are sum of, my taboos!

Away, from the laws, of semantics
Is redemption, in, mind’s mutiny!
Done with, rites of, worldly antics
I seek, in me, my destiny!

No escape, from this, sacrament
Where rationality, is, tied in knots
I am, the argument, I invent
In The, Asylum, Of, My Thoughts!

© 2022 Vikas Chandra

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