When You Count A Lion’s Wisdom Teeth

You’ve, slayed him, in your, wishful dream
Wherein, you fancied, win, o’er Kremlin
The Holy Grail, of the, Russian regime
Alas! Your sin, is your, cherished coffin!

Pariah, of West, Messiah, of East
Last legacy, of, Soviet conquest
Why have, you condemned, Putin, a beast
Is he, pawn of, your, political quest!

He wants, no war, you want, no peace
Just pieces, of his, Russian fief
Ain’t hegemony, a, western disease
A fanatic, faith’s fear, beyond belief!!

That king, will never, stop to roar
In, whose heart, freedom’s, furies seethe
You’ll find, yourself, at misery’s door
When You Count, A Lion’s, Wisdom Teeth!

© 2022 Vikas Chandra

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