The Sin-Shop On Chowringhee Lane

He clenched my finger from nowhere
Little pimp of only 5 long years
“Only cheapest yet best is my ware”
He bared my faith and dared my fears!

“I can arrange a wee virgin
She’ll sell her hymen for a 1000 Rupees
My very last price for her very first sin”
He stared then glared at me with sleaze!

He dragged me thru those half-lit streets
Where nirvana is served at a cost
Every turn a new sin-pilgrim meets
In search of love when the heart is lost!

To sink in the arms of a Sin-Goddess
Is the creed and need and deed of pain
I sin one more night more or less
At The Sin-Shop On Chowringhee Lane!

© 2022 Vikas Chandra

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