The Headless Homo Of Hebron

Come, one and all, on this, holy day
Let a fear, today, redeem, your faith
Let’s flay, and slay, a gay, today
Condemn, a renegade, to a, wraith!

How dare, embraced, he, sexual sin
Against, the dictates, of our creed
Let’s, take thru, each street, his coffin
To weed out, this, pernicious breed!

We are, the believers, not infidels
Whose, Adam loves Adam, and, Eve loves Eve
For us, are the heavens, for them, are the hells
Let this gay, know well, whose head, we’ll cleave!

We’re, mere minions, of, Allah’s will
Let’s make him, a lesson, for an eon
The very last, gay, whose blood, will spill
The Headless, Homo, Of Hebron!

© 2022 Vikas Chandra

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