The Last Verses Of The Fall

A soul, lay here, laid out, to bear
Thru the, season of, remembrances
A life’s legacy, and, death’s, despair
In a pilgrimage, of, time’s distances!

There ain’t, much left, in the, veins that bled
Just the, last few drops, of blood, to ink
Those thoughts, that still, remain unread
From the musing, yearning, to life’s brink!

A funeral, searching for, requiem
Whispers, to me, knocking my door
“Lest, you become, what, you redeem
You are, your misery’s, metaphor”!

How dare, I commit, a literary sin
To end, what never, began, at all
Enigma, of, faith and fear’s, origin
The, Last Verses, Of, The Fall!

© 2022 Vikas Chandra

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