The Year That Hangs By The Calendar

A graffiti, of my, fate, crucified
O’er silence, of the, stony wall
A man tied, to tine, time and tide
Lingers, in yearning, of recall!

Every morning, stare, at, each other
A pilgrim, and, his pilgrimage
The same quest, of, fate, faith and fear
Ends, in a, conquest, of, outrage!

Am I, the moment, that, time lost
Who searches, whom, it’s hard, to say
A remembrance, is a, profound cost
Of, looming end, and, life’s decay!

I measure, thee, in breaths, and beats
And the, infiniteness, of, life’s cipher
It’s the, same sacrament, that, ever repeats
The Year, That Hangs, By The Calendar!

© 2022 Vikas Chandra

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