The Last Loot Of Black Man’s ‘Wasteland’

When West cautioned, “Don’t mine, your gas.
Lest, we miss, global, net-zero goal.”
Black man, gave in to, a White man, alas
To whom, forever, he had, sold his soul!

Black ethos, has not, forgotten, its faith
The one, of fear, of the, White potentate
Africa, was, is, and, will always, be a wraith
Of what, its, Western, Lords dictate!

“We want, your gas, you have, no choice
You are, our, Russian substitute!”
Black man says, “Yes”, since he, lost his voice
Bearing, bequest of, “The Great, Western Loot”!

“Once more, White man, betrayed our soul
And, dreams, made of, tears, blood, and sand
What was, left of us, that too, he stole
In The Last Loot, Of, Black Man’s, Wasteland!

© 2022 Vikas Chandra

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