Delusions Of Dark Democracy

Entrapped, in past, seems, African dream
Except, it ain’t, sin of, White skin
But Blacks, betrayed, by a, Black regime
Awaiting, its end, in, next, coup’s coffin!

Alas! Freedom, failed to, unite
The Black ethos, divided, by tribes
For, power and pride, this, endless fight
Has gone, beyond, ethnic diatribes!

Bread-farms, breed bullets, in these nations
Reigned by, iron fists, not institutions
They, dole out, to future, despair’s rations
Where, democracy’s shamed, o’er, sham elections!

A making, of its, own misery
It lives, and dies, Black hypocrisy
Africa rewrites, its, hollow history –
Delusions, Of, Dark Democracy!

© 2022 Vikas Chandra

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