The Heists Of Her Lowliness

The pilferage, of, many, a heritage
Is the, only legacy, of this queen
Who reigned, her colonies, with outrage
With a racist, fascist, mean doctrine!

“The lesser souls, buy, the greater souls, steal”
Is the, colonial premise, of the, royal belief
Many ages, worth of, larcenies, reveal
That, “Queen Was, Indeed, A Thief!”!

Lo and behold, “The Great, British Loot”!
Kohinoor, Rosetta, Africa’s Great Star, …, …
What could, ever be, a greater tribute
To a, colonist queen’s, avaricious avatar!

The richest, plunderer, of our times
Alas, left, all her, sin’s largess
Will the world, forgive, Her Highness’s crimes
The Heists, Of Her, Lowliness!

© 2022 Vikas Chandra

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