These Flagrant Defiant Fireflies

“Your body, is a, shrine of shame!”
Ayatollah, decreed, Allah’s word
“Dare not, you shroud, each inch, of your frame
You’ll know, why, my, Moral ‘Mafia’, is feared!”

In 4 decades, first time, Iran saw
Fear, in the eyes, of its, intrepid Imaam
Who’d wreaked, his faith, in facade, of law
Now, frets about, fate of, his ‘Islam’!

Why, “Death, to dictator”, echoes, every street
Has, Iran’s ethos, lost, all fear!
It’s the, final battle, to unseat
Demons, whose guile, is to, domineer!

Since 1979, what hasn’t, Iran lost
A Pariah State, lives, a legacy, of lies
Beyond freedom, what faith, fears, the most
Are These, Flagrant, Defiant, Fireflies!

© 2022 Vikas Chandra

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