The Conjecture Called “Literature”

Between, Shakespearean, and, Quixotic
Is the, paradox, poised of, my premise
Lost in, my search, is, the semantic
Substance, of my, suppositious thesis!

Façades, forge faces, faces, façades
Impressions, invent, expressions
All tethered, in this, play of charades
By many, estranged, equations!

Since man, began to, scribble, fear’s tales
On stone, with burnt wood, and, stray streaks
A faith, prevails, o’er details
Of, enigmas, of, ethnic, mystiques!

Truth’s shadow, need not, be a myth
Nor myth, life’s, castoff caricature
How a tomb, grew, to a, megalith
The Conjecture, Called, “Literature”!

© 2022 Vikas Chandra

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