Whose Fathers Fight A Surrogate War

“Papa! Good bye, please come back!”, is the, last litany
Of the sons, who’re left, behind to mourn
For the pilgrims, of, their destiny
Whose martyrdom, is a, fate, forsworn!

“Men, have to, baptize, their motherland
With, perished lives, and, cherished gore!”
Only time, will tell, this is, whose, last stand
Between brothers, bound by, hate’s metaphor!

“Our troops, shamed us, dare you, shame too!”-
More than, chagrin, warning, of Putin
Every father, bids his, very last adieu
To the kin, who’ll wait, for, his coffin!

Whose glory, for, will, these men, die
Who want, to live, for, dreams, galore
That nation’s, children, learn, to cry
Whose Fathers, Fight A, Surrogate War!

© 2022 Vikas Chandra

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