Trains Come, Trains Go …

When life, is a, sum of, fleeting trysts
With the, caravans of, passing time
What seemed, to have ended, yet, persists
Lost moments’, lasting, paradigm!

Why choose. to ‘vegetate’, by that trail
Which, leads, one to, both ways, nowhere
Every day, ends here, with an, endless tale
Of yearnings, scattered, everywhere!

Those whistles, clickety-clacks, and squeals
Never let, that wanderer, die in me
Who feels, his being, blessed, by the wheels
Of a momentum, that breaks, me free!

They take, with them, some shred, of me
Just as, woe of, au revoir, they bestow
To reach, destination, beyond, destiny
Trains Come, Trains Go … !

© 2022 Vikas Chandra

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