When We Celebrate Funeral Of Art

At last, we vanquished, intellect
We’d honed, o’er, many million years
Have we found, art’s paradox, more perfect
Than, our faith, defined by, Digital Fears!

No more, our thoughts, just, AI Bots
Define, the new, paradigms of flair
Ingenuity, of, human race, rots
In, dilemma of, Digital Despair!

Don’t, we need, Wordsworths, nor Shakespeares
When AI, concludes, in hours
All, labors of love, struggle, and pain
In Digital Age, look, more than vain!

Where have, we lost, our streak, today
Every, song sounds, like, dirge, of Mozart
Every, creative thought, seems, a castaway
When We, Celebrate, Funeral Of Art!

© 2022 Vikas Chandra

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