A Day Without Poetry

An ode, to, my, unwritten words
Is, all, I was, all yesterday
A thought, lost in, expressions’ herds
Who, did not say, it, could not say!

A pilgrim, farmed, his faith’s, wasteland
To reap, a yield, of nothingness
Where, I’d sowed dreams, is now, quicksand
My nonchalance, may heavens, bless!

What squirms, so impotent, in me
The deep, dark, dread of, inertia
Every epic, in me, feels empty
Idea, lost in, mind’s, dystopia!

At last, I hear, hope’s, distant rain
In the midst, of mirage, of my misery
It concludes, elegy, of my pain –
A Day, Without, Poetry!

© 2022 Vikas Chandra

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