The Man Of The Hole

In the midst of, two worlds, and two times
Lay, lost legacies, of, trampled clans
Hamlets, heisted, for, few damn dimes
Who, wiped out trails, of, their caravans!

With the, last man dead, whole tribe, is lost
And, all that was, never, ever, found
Their lives, paid, existential cost
In Amazon’s, ethnic, battleground!

A lingering, relic, world watched, aghast
As he tried, very hard, to comprehend
His future’s, entrapment, in the past
And, his present, in the throes, of a, dead-end!

As though, graves, of his, brethren, slain
He gave, them back, what the, savages stole
Whose life, was vain, and death, a lasting stain
Left World, In Pain, The Man, Of The Hole!

© 2022 Vikas Chandra

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