Those Simple Equations Of Life

A Sunday, brought, father, to us
A Monday, took him, all away
Our happiness, was, a local bus
Lost in, miles of, Mumbai’s melee!

Long walks, to school, o’er smoldering streets
Clinging to, mother’s, sweltering hand
One win, stood out, amidst, all defeats
Our existence, on the, city’s quicksand!

How many, funerals, saw our eyes
Besides, the birth, of, many dreams
A truth, lived on, defying, all lies
We are, what our, struggle, redeems!

Those, black and white, snaps, done, for a Rupee
Still smile, with us, when the pains, are rife
That, beauty, of, inequity
Those, Simple Equations, Of Life!

© 2022 Vikas Chandra

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