Lest Peppa Pig Play Prurient Prig

Penny, Polar Bear, has two mothers
One doctor, one cooks, spaghetti
To the shock, and awe, of the, naive nippers
Who knew, parents are, “He” & “She”!

Why seed, “the other kind”, in, their mind
Who see sex, as, two possibilities
Can’t comprehend, a fact, entwined
In the, realities, of, love’s oddities!

Why pack, a condom, in their tiffins
Who have, no, sexual existence
Should they know, about, our sensual sins
Who view, TV with, innocence!

But the, ‘Rainbow Clan’, wants, to force-feed
Our posterity, with their, libertine swig
May, we sell, ourselves, to a, carnal creed
Lest, Peppa Pig, Play, Prurient Prig!

© 2022 Vikas Chandra

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