A Purple Eden Everywhere

No sin, sweeter, than September
Pain’s pilgrimage, to, Provenance
Where a, myriad miles, of lavender
Enliven, love’s, endless romance!

The beauty, of, their transcendence
Is the, only faith, of a, yearning heart
Who dare, fall’s fear, with insolence
Swaying, to the ethos, of Mozart!

I’m all, but left, ravaged, by them
Just a, bewitched soul, remains with me
Lost, in this, magnificent, mayhem
I’m one, with their, lasting rhapsody!

Where trinity, cradles, dream divine
There ain’t, a heaven, but one, here
Like the, last vow, of, first Valentine
A Purple, Eden, Everywhere!

© 2022 Vikas Chandra

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