Don’t Wake Me Up, I Want To Die

Longer, than age, this pilgrimage
Is a, lingering rite, of senescence
No more, smolders, in me, outrage
Since, I bid adieu, to my innocence!

I disown, what I, never had
A shadow’s, delusional, puppetry
Amidst, dead milestones, a spent nomad
Recounts, an age, of misery!

No God, no hope, no faith, no fear
This cipher, is, my, final truth
No kin, to share, my sin, sin-cere
I stand, alone, by the tomb, of my ruth!

Sacred shroud, of, soul, is solace
O’er, pious pain, of a, wailing rabbi
Lest, life kindle, last stimulus
Don’t, Wake Me Up, I Want, To Die!

© 2022 Vikas Chandra

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