What The Black Hole Says

The darkest, cosmic, enigma
Has the, starkest rhyme, piercing space-time
In the, throes of, gravity’s dilemma
A black widow, devours, every, known paradigm!

Since, humans need, voice, to realize
The evidence, of, its existence
They lent, decibels, to verbalize
A truth, haunting, our cognizance!

Someone, beyond, Satan, and God
Unravels, to us, orgin and end
Whose whispers, now, at last, echoed
How space, matter, and time, transcend
In a unison; nihility is truth; infinity is flawed!

In, whose womb, nirvana, finds birth
On the lips, of death, life’s, lullaby plays
“One day, you’ll see, what all’s, earth’s worth”
What The, Black Hole, Says!

© 2022 Vikas Chandra

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