Martyrs, Of Science, Split At Birth

Born, tethered, to same, umbilical cord
To be, banished, to, errant estrangement
No more, than a, research record
Our lives, mere, scientific, sacrament!

Neither shadow, nor, an extra toe
Who stole, my other, half from me
How far, you hid, but still, I know
She’s, more than me, than, what you see
She’s the soul, of my, soliloquy!

Two, guinea pigs, of, one research
In, distant hearts, how, one beat, rhymes
Why were, two sisters, left, in the lurch
To invent, kinships’, new paradigms!

When met, at last, two severed lives
Only tears measured, many, lost years’, worth
Yet, a profound legacy, still survives
Of Martyrs, Of Science, Split At Birth!

© 2022 Vikas Chandra

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