When The Shame Found Its New Name

British era, ended, not its law
More than, a moral diktat, on this isle
In the, new age, lingered, an old time’s, flaw
Man’s love, for man, was a misdeed, vile!

Those trysts, of love, behind closed door
Whom, faith called, sins, and, fear called, crimes
What plagued, ethos of, Singapore
Known, for its, modern paradigms!

The rainbow, finally, rose, in their sky
Those ‘sinners’, who survived, dark age
Their love, was not, indeed, a lie
Dead are, myths of, moral outrage!

No more, martyrs, of their, free will
At last, love doves, they, now became
Ended, that age, of, social ill
When, The Shame, Found, Its New Name!

© 2022 Vikas Chandra

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