When A Big Tree Falls

“Spill blood, for blood! Every Sikh, must die!”
They blared, o’er, their dead leader
Whose only truth, was a, servile lie –
“Prove to dynasts, you’re the, best bootlicker”!

Congressmen, euthanized, their soul
As they, burnt alive, their own brethren
“Who does not kill, his head, will roll”
Was the diktat, from, Rajeev’s henchmen!

Rajeev, was baptized, by, Sikh gore
The new leader, of the, Nehru-cursed state
His genocide, proved, mean metaphor –
Remedy of, vain, vengeance, is hate!

Whilst, Sikhs reconciled, with the, loss, he gave
He smeared, fear’s graffiti, on, their faith’s walls
“Your ethos, will be wrecked, should you, not behave
When, A Big Tree, Falls”!

© 2022 Vikas Chandra

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