Stigma Of An Ethnic Enigma

“Forsake, your, Russian heritage
And the, lingering love, for a, longlost land!”
Blares out, on streets, Latvian outrage
Bracing for, a Russian, reprimand!

One third, of, Latvian, ethos knows
“We are Russians, in an, alien fief
How can, our brethren, be our foes!”
Is the fear, of their faith, beyond belief!

Be a patriot, to the, land that feeds
Or, loyal to, legacy, that lasts
Between, two worlds, a stabbed soul, bleeds
For that brotherhood, now, consigned to pasts!

“Prove, you are, a Latvian, take a vow!”
Drives Russians, to a, dilemma –
“Past, matters not, what matters, now”
Stigma, Of An, Ethnic Enigma!

© 2022 Vikas Chandra

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