Living With A Fractured Faith

They came; they killed; what Allah willed
Who baptized, their faith, by fear’s gore
A borrowed faith, how far, instilled
In Africa, hate’s heists, galore!

No God, was born, in Africa
Hence, never, any, faith evolved
In its, intellectual, inertia
Its ignorance, remains, unsolved!

Beholden by, white, Arab creed
Black, ‘wretched’ souls, took it, too far
To prove, they are, faithful indeed
Fanatics, fight, each day, faith’s war!

What was, to end, age of darkness
Haunts Africa, like a, reckless wraith
Fear’s wasteland, embraced, nothingness
Living, With A, Fractured Faith!

© 2022 Vikas Chandra

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