When You Bare Yourself To Me Tonight

The sin, that squirmed, our, deep within
Flirting, with the, solemn, soul of spring
Underneath that, thin, facade of skin
Is, new ethos, of love, thirsting, lusting!

At its, wildest verge, why, my seminal surge
Hormones, instincts, is it, something else
From the, shroud of shame, would that woman emerge
Whose vanity, revels, virtue, rebels
Against, a virgin’s, sexual splurge !

A naked, “her”, is a, loud whisper
She’s, the alchemy, of, her anatomy
A faith, tangled, in the fringe, of fear
Is this, narcissist’s, worst enemy!

O’er, bloodbath of, a, deflowered dream
Stark rainbow, grows, from, dark twilight
Will, womanhood’s worth, a girl, redeem
When You, Bare Yourself, To Me, Tonight!

© 2022 Vikas Chandra

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