Lest Salman Rush-die Die Today

Is Salman’s Faith, Rush-die’s Fear, too
How a, ‘blasphemer’, overlived, his life
In a world, reigned by, beyond, bugaboo
Fanatics, in, intellectual, strife!

How dare, still smears, his poison-pen
Graffiti, of faith, o’er wall, of time
He’ll soon, fall to, ‘holy’ henchmen
Whose, epic is, heresy’s paradigm!

In this war, of, faith, and intellect
It is, no one, who wins, at the end
But fear, in, its, every aspect
For ‘sinners’, jihad, is a bane, ‘Godsend’!
Why, Satanic Verses, Rush-die penned!

Will he, be a martyr, who kills him
Who wrote, his own, sentence, his way
Lost in, hate’s herd, a word-pilgrim
Lest, Salman Rush-die, Die, Today!

© 2022 Vikas Chandra

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