When Mother Asks “When Will You Come?”

How many, sons, sum up, a war
What mothers, know well, brinkmen, won’t learn
Whose hearts, bleed, more
For them, who will, never, ever return!

“Lest, you be, a martyr, my dear son
And nation, praise me, with your pride”
For a, politician’s, sadist passion
Why a, mother’s love, be crucified!

Thru, throbbing lips, and, dewey eyes
Her fear, dares, my faith, with the, same question
Every lie, is a truth, until, it dies
In the wasteland, where’s, no redemption!

From, my coffin, I, replied her, last
“May I, last, beyond, my martyrdom!”
No more, resents, her hope, aghast
When Mother, Asks, “When Will You Come?”!

© 2022 Vikas Chandra

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