In The League Of Endless Intrigue

We’ve found, a universe, in that cipher
Which, had cradled, trinity’s origin
There ain’t, out there, final frontier
But an, infinite dream, deep down, within!

Whilst cosmos, transcends, all mystiques
How could, its, microcosm, be less
Where matter, speaks, thru, fleeting streaks
And, everything hides, in nothingness!

Where uncertain, is the, most certain
Existence, is a, probability
They’re paradoxes, who’re born, to remain
In the, throes of, divine, duality!

Phantoms, of faith, don’t fear, chaos
Endure, till end, life of, blitzkrieg
No loss, diminishes, quantum’s ethos
In The League, Of, Endless Intrigue!

© 2022 Vikas Chandra

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