This Liaison Between Love And Lust

“For her, your hearth, and sin, of skin
For me, your heart, and, soul’s ethos
Graver, is world’s, than, your chagrin
Who flay, Radha, as, “Rukmini’s Loss””!

Yet the world, cherishes, their enigma
A bond, beyond bondage, binds, two realms
In, eternal bliss, of, blessed stigma
How a, moral myth, faith, overwhelms!

Could Krishna, be the, virtuous one
Ever seen, to be, lost, in orgies
Nirvana, is, an endless eon
To Him, who prevails, beyond boundaries!

No semen, spills, where, nectar fills
Two hearts, with one, passion, august
Sublime, is the poise, that ‘Divine’, distills
This Liaison, Between, Love And Lust!

© 2022 Vikas Chandra

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