The Silence Of The Suicide Bay

Behold, mermaids, baptize in gore
Of, twilight’s tryst, with trinity
Where, life’s lore, meets, death’s metaphor
Satan, dares, decrees, of divinity!

At the, farthest edge, a fief, forlorn
Seeks, fests of fear; funeral of faith
Of souls, world-worn, and hearts, lovelorn
Only, pain strays, to this, realm of wraith!

Hear, zephyr, whisper, raw requiems
In the, riots of tides, who lost, their way
Sleep, deep under, shroud of, broken dreams
Who bid, last adieu, to, life’s, mean melee!

Temple, of faith, or, tomb of fear
Lost pilgrimage, of, life’s castaway
Lay scattered, where, rosary and prayer
In The Silence, Of The, Suicide Bay!

© 2022 Vikas Chandra

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