Since I Became My Only Search

Self-estrangement, which was, once bliss
Stands, all alone, bare to, bone today
Tomb, of, whose pride, and prejudice
Pent pilgrim, left, myriad miles away!

Why shadow, no more, resents me
My slave, I reigned, o’er many years
A man, who lost, that last mutiny
Between, all his faiths, and, all his fears!

I stray, through wasteland, of my heart
With the, broken compass, of my soul
Between, two worlds, I’m, torn apart
Who pays, with nothingness, life’s toll!

At, every crossroad, deep within
My myth, leaves, my truth, in the lurch
I dare, my death, in, life’s coffin
Since, I Became, My Only Search!

© 2022 Vikas Chandra

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