When The Dream Of Democracy Dies

Freedom, for hearts, fortitude, for souls
Bread for bellies, and a, dream for eyes
Why a fear, pays now, that great, faith’s tolls
With an, isle’s, existential, sacrifice!

“Our leaders, have, forgotten vows
Politicians, they, turned out, to be
O’er, our wounds, they dance, carouse”
See, the travesty, of democracy!

Who sold, their dreams, to, dragon’s greed
Are, writing requiems, for a, dying island
Demos, in the, throes of, a decadent creed
Laments Kratos, sinking in, quicksand!

Not, economics, political ethics
Has slayed, their ethos, with, lethal lies
A nation, bleeds by, the crucifix
When The Dream, Of, Democracy Dies!

© 2022 Vikas Chandra

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