Ain’t Gore Faith’s Lasting Metaphor

Whose life, is tethered, to a, jugular vein
Don’t despair, much, for a, lesser species
Pay your price, of faith, at the cost, of, its pain
Turn a, deaf ear, to its, entreaties!

“That ritual, of, an un-slain son
We complete, with, holy sacrifice
To baptize, our quest, of redemption
Blood is, lone truth, that, never lies!”

So many, heartbeats, stopped, at once
As, many life-clocks, lost, their time
Unbeknownst, that their, end opens
Heaven’s gates, for piety’s, paradigm!

Our history’s, trysts with, blood and blade
Decipher, why pain, consummates amour
In this, endless, faith and, fear’s crusade
Ain’t Gore, Faith’s, Lasting Metaphor!

© 2022 Vikas Chandra

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