Who Told Me He Loved Rainbow Most

That fall, had smelt of, sinning spring
When, whispered, his faith, to my fear
“Molt out, of, hackneyed upbringing
Man, must be, a mutineer, and matyr!”

“Why should, I find, a woman, in you
And you, in me, moral disgrace”
We stood, naked, in the, ethnic view
Two shameful men, with one, shameless face!

“You wear, me now, I wear, you then
Be my blanket, and my, funeral shroud, too”
The dilemma, of, men, loving men
Is the, enigma, of a, disavowed, taboo!

“That love, lasts long, that lasts, no long”
Is to, my recall, his, last(ing) riposte
He, taught me, “Dare to, live, love, and long”
Who Told Me, He Loved, Rainbow Most!

© 2022 Vikas Chandra

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