In The Broken Head Of Hercules

Those lies, live on, until time, bares
How fragile, is, glory’s Godhood
We lionize, faith, to fight, our fears
And farm, our tombs, where cradles, stood!

How a, history’s, towering megalith
Was banished, to, oblivion
To be, fathomed, out of, mortal myth
Our immortal shenanigan!

Lay scattered, all, his escapades
In the, deepest, darkest, time’s abyss
That man, beyond, all his crusades
Succumbed, to, verity’s, vicious kiss!

Hero’s facade, was, at last found
In the, coffin, of his, nemesis
Drunken, with prejudice, pride, profound
In The, Broken Head, Of Hercules

© 2022 Vikas Chandra

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