The Chief Of His Estranged Fief

Who stormed, the Bastille, of his pride
The prejudice, of the, Left and Right!
Democracy, is that, riotous ride
Where, mishaps are, milestones, of your might!

Is compromise, the only, price
For a Centrist, to, redeem his dreams
For France, small is, every sacrifice
He sold, his heart, soul too, it seems!

“Sit, with Fascists, sleep, with Communists
Every day, eat, with them, last supper
I’ll, soon be, one of, those nihilists
Who moot, “Macron, is a, Mean Cipher!”

“Jupiterian, Premier, in, cul-de-sac”
Ain’t anymore, just, a French, enigma
In politics, everyone, stabs, anyone’s back
Ethnic stigma, is, democratic dilemma!

A Naked King, bared, to his bone
He’s the faith, of his fear, beyond belief
Reigns, all alone, from his, thorny throne
The Chief, Of His, Estranged Fief!

© 2022 Vikas Chandra

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