I Bought A Mountain On The Mars

“Few thousands, left, that, now abound
Of the, millions of mounds, sold away
Don’t buy, cheaper crater, you’ll not, be found
Amongst, a billion, basins’ melee!”

“My glory, lay in, Distant Dust!
I’ll farm, my name, in that, Red Wasteland
The light-house, of, our wanderlust
I’ll linger, in its, rusting sand!”

I $pent, the la$t, million I had
IAU, sent me, the coordinates
Of the, Megalith, of my, Martian Fad
My tombstone, beyond, the heaven’s gates!
“Ain’t man, the myth, that he creates!”

I gazed, at it, thru the, deep dark sky
Until I died, on this, banal earth
Mons Vikas”, is my, truth, not a lie
A, Wretched Earthling’s, Martian Worth!

I bear, the Dust, Devils at play
And wonder, at the, untouched stars
Is it, there, where my, glory lay
Why, I Bought, A Mountain, On The Mars!

© 2022 Vikas Chandra

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