Love Is A Pilgrimage Of Pain

Whose yen, has spent me, all these years
A longlost, unheard, wild wild dove
Which faith, so far, endured my fears
If not, the lasting, pain of love!

On the, fading mirror, of, my recalls
How come, you outlasted, an age
That last adieu, all thru, lost falls
Still fills, my soul, with, sin’s outrage!

Neither, my love, nor its, seed, in your womb
Was anything, but, not, my deceit
I’ve longed, for you, like an, ageless tomb
Whilst, hope of love, defied, time’s defeat!

Lo and behold! Our, timeless tryst
Tethered, to which vein, we still remain
Never ever, a fleeting, spree’s heist
Love Is, A Pilgrimage, Of Pain!

© 2022 Vikas Chandra

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