I am Eva Br…, Nay, Nay, Hitler !!!

Do you think, I would, let him, perish, all alone?
I will weather, with him, till his, very last breath
Ain’t, “Eva’s Führer’s”, written, in every stone
I will, be his bride, before, tryst, with my death!

I know, History, won’t forgive me
To be, a Monster’s, Rhapsody
Let love, be a bane, in the chalice, of pain
I’ll kiss, this bliss, again and again … !

I have, died twice, will die, once more
For, my love, is faith’s, not fear’s metaphor
I’m the fury, of, Führer’s furor
Who redeems, our pride, with, The Final War!

Glücklich! That day, at last, has come
Eva’s, one-night, wife of Führer
Who’ll live, and die, for his, every ism
I am Eva Br…, Nay, Nay, Hitler !!!

© 2022 Vikas Chandra

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