Who Stole My Bread !!!

Sweat, no more, nurtures, this wasteland
Bad blood, baptizes, its, farms of faith
Hate tore, its ethos, down to, last strand
Fear, left behind, a, barren, betrayed wraith!

It was, is, and, shall, ever remain
My Holy Grail, my, Hunger’s God
Ukraine’s grain, my food, poison, pain
In a, world-order, politically, flawed!

Is it, Putin’s sin, or Biden’s spite
EU’s treachery, or, NATO’s crime
Or, Zel… tangled, in a, surrogate fight
All, add to, my, piteous paradigm!

Billion$, on war, no pennie$, on peace
With hearts’, every shred, sold to, hatred
I’m deafened, by their, harmony’s homilies
For a, vain bloodshed, Who Stole, My Bread !!!

© 2022 Vikas Chandra

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