Lost In A World Of Enigmas

Our only, faith, is, our only, fear
Our life, strays between, birth and death
That God, we revere, is nowhere, there
Besides, being a sordid, shibboleth!

Those kith, and kin, ain’t worth, our sins
Who, fed on, our soul’s, every shred
At last, our pilgrimage, begins
For that, freedom’s lust, we ever bled!

Metaverse, can’t be, our universe
Our, new real, can’ be, virtual
To live, each breath, a Digital Curse
Feels like, our, cardinal funeral!

Even as, we plastinate, our earth
We’e beyond, our, Martian Dilemmas
Between, riots of heart, and, rites of hearth
We’re Lost, In A World, Of Enigmas!

© 2022 Vikas Chandra

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