Shepherd Of The Lost Land

This bliss, is worth, a life’s earnings
Harvest, of hope, farmed in despair
The sum, of all, unspent yearnings
Is the, broken rosary, of my prayer!

Such is, enigma, of return
Where, trinity tryst, by, forlorn moor
My, stray caravan’s, final sojourn
Is the cradle, of my, life’s l’amour!

I smell, blessed, excrement, of sheep
Dissolving, in, life’s petrichor
In the, fertile ethos, of my fief
Beauty, without, a metaphor
The thought, I sowed, is the, dream I reap
This utopia, beyond, belief!

Where quests, end, pilgrimage, begins
Life unweaves, to its, every strand
I smile away, my, cherished sins
Shepherd, Of The, Lost Land!

© 2022 Vikas Chandra

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