Meet Me Without Façades Someday

Don’t be, a myth, gift-wrapped, in a lie
Shrouded, in sin, in, truth’s coffin
I ain’t, vain-martyr, firefly
Who’ll, burn out, in your, sham chagrin!

Why a herd, of, botoxed expressions
Flocks, every, neighborhood, and street
Faces, with inertial, infections
Flash, plastic smiles, when they greet!

Sacrament, of, dual existence
Does, go beyond, societal realms
They tryst themselves, in the prison, of pretense
Who, trade mirrors, for, broken prisms!

Do dare, to bare, the truth, you are
Hiding behind, farce of, hearsay
Don’t sell, your faith, in fear’s bazaar
Meet Me, Without, Façades, Someday!

© 2022 Vikas Chandra

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