Which Oyster Bears The Mermaid’s Pearl

Unless, his sweat, dissolves in sea
How’d she, fathom, the diver’s drive
Salt, kisses salt, in that, rhapsody
On which, unquenched, vrgins thrive!

Who earn, their lives, from borrowed breaths
And bread, of pain, and tears, of time
Every dive, is a ritual, of their deaths
Who are, born to, live, a sin, sublime!

O’er tiring trysts, wherein, queens, seek kings
Alas, meagre, seekers, of their souls
To be, deflowered in, worthless flings
Is it still, worth more, than their, lonely shoals!

Where lay legacy, of that, lovelorn heart
There lasts, litany, of an, unspent girl
A virgin dream, torn, two worlds, apart
Which Oyster, Bears, The Mermaid’s Pearl!

© 2022 Vikas Chandra

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